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Protect Customer Data.

Marketing technologies are vital to your enterprise website. But they introduce countless third-party tags through which customer data can be stolen, or even accidentally given away.


That’s where Vault JS comes in. Our advanced AI continually scans your tag behavior. Any suspicious activity is immediately reviewed by our experts. No false alerts, and no worries about losing customer PII. 

Do you know what third-party tags have access to your customer data? Is your consent management configured properly? Get a free audit report and be sure. 


Our Experts Inspect and Analyze each Potential Threat

Without adding any code to your site, our Artificial + Human Intelligence approach monitors the behavior of your entire tag ecosystem. We promptly investigate any suspicious activity, and alert you only when there’s a cause for concern. We won’t send any false alarms, but if a tag starts capturing customer Privately Identifiable Information (PII) without authorization, you’re notified immediately.


The First and Only Digital Marketing Assurance Platform

Take advantage of the cutting-edge Marketing Technologies you want, without worry. Deliver the customer experience you imagine, without second thoughts. Out-market your competition, with peace of mind. Our unique process is powered by our exclusive AI technology, but then backed by an additional layer of protection from a team of experts who inspect and analyze each potential threat.

Typically data leakage takes weeks, if not months to uncover. In the meantime, your customers personally identifiable information (PII) has been compromised, and your reputation tarnished. With Vault JS you get peace of mind knowing:

  • We are continually monitoring tag behavior, so you don’t have to worry

  • We will immediately notify you of any issues—with no false alarms

  • We won’t install any code on your site

  • We never negatively impact the user experience

A Presentation on the Importance of Data Collection Assurance

Watch Grant Deppe, VP Marketing Technology Product Management at Fidelity Investments, talk about Fidelity’s Digital Marketing Assurance initiatives. He is joined by Josh Manion, CEO of Vault JS.


Check Your Level of Assurance

Where is your company in terms of its digital marketing assurance?

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