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About Us

Vault JS was founded by the same team who created the tag management industry as the founders of Ensighten. During their time at Ensighten, they were awarded several patents for ground-breaking methods in data analytics and online privacy management.


As the threats evolved, however, the founders began to witness client hacks through the very same JavaScript code implemented in their product. Frustrated by an inability to help clients through the tag management product, they created Vault JS.


Josh Manion


  • LinkedIn

Co-Founder/CEO Ensighten, 2009

300+ Enterprise customers including JPMC, US Bank, Fidelity, AMEX

Raised 100M+ in venture capital

Created Tag Management Category



Holds 12 Patents

International Master Chess Player


Julie Oberweis

Founder & COO

  • LinkedIn

Co-Founder/Board Member, Ensighten 2009


Raised 100M+ in venture capital


Created Tag Management Category



Stanford, M.S.

University of Illinois



Josh Goodwin

Founder & CTO

  • LinkedIn

Co-Founder/CTO Ensighten, 2009


Primary Architect of
Ensighten application and
Tag Delivery Network (TDN)

Delivered 30B tag requests
per month with 99.99999% uptime
over 7- year period

Created Tag Management Category


University of Illinois

Holds 16 Patents


Scott Price

Dir. of Engineering

  • LinkedIn

Lead Engineer, Ensighten 2010

Created Ensighten Mobile
and Flash Version

University of Illinois

A Presentation on the Importance of Data Collection Assurance

Watch Grant Deppe, VP Marketing Technology Product Management at Fidelity Investments, talk about Fidelity’s Digital Marketing Assurance initiatives. He is joined by Josh Manion, CEO of Vault JS.


Let Us Shine the Light on Your Risk

Want to see what your tag ecosystem looks like? Get a free report showing the tags currently running on your site and the connections to other third parties.

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