Who is Vault JS?

Our Story

       Vault was founded by the same team who created the tag management industry as the founders of Ensighten. During their time at Ensighten, they were awarded several patents for ground-breaking methods in data analytics and online privacy management. As the threats evolved, however, the founders began to witness client hacks through the very same JavaScript code implemented in their product. Frustrated by an inability to help clients through the tag management product, they created Vault JS.

       Vault hired a development team filled with experienced industry professionals who knew the challenges in and out and who were eager to build a ground-breaking product to address the newest problems in 3rd party marketing security. As they designed the platform to face the newest security needs, they listened to what other issues companies faced in keeping their sites safe. To address the inundation of IT teams by endless alerts of potential threats, they created a system of combined AI and human analysis that keeps sites secure, focuses IT teams on the most important issues, and alerts only when real threats arise. 


       Vault serves security-minded companies by helping them manage the newest risks without expanding the attack surface. Today, Vault proudly provides that service to a number of Fortune 500 companies across a variety of industries who value the security of their customers' data and want to protect the trust placed in their brand. Vault continues to grow and develop to face the ever-changing environment of site security, leading the field in cutting-edge solutions to the newest threats. We maintain our commitment to provide peace of mind in a time of uncertainty.


Our Mission

Vault is the technical armor which allows companies to fearlessly live on the cutting edge of marketing.