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Protection, Hassle Free


Find out why Fortune 500 companies across major, trust-based industries choose Vault to protect their site.

Vault JS : An Evolved Solution

We combine complete, continuous, artificial intelligence with human intelligence so there are no internal resources for you to manage. 
No code on page.  No additional risk.  No impact on user experience.
All code monitored, including trusted. Easy.

The securities of yesterday are incomplete, nearly impossible to maintain, and often impact user experience. We have developed a product with multiple layers of security to keep your organization safe and stay ahead of threads.

Does not assess actual SaaS risk or ability to run code. Requires significant time on both sides to complete and review.

Security Questionnaires

Point in time only. Lacking human features of security.

Penetration Test

Trusted access list and inspect code live in browser.  Impacts user experience, does not cover use case if trusted party is attacked.

Tag Management System (TMS) 

Browser supported trusted access list. Impact on user experience, does not cover use case if trusted party is attacked.  Time intensive to maintain.

Content Security

Policy (CSP)

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