No Code on Page

Unlike other 3rd Party Security technologies, Vault JS puts no code onto your page, so we can protect your site without adding any additional risk or slowing down your site.

Easy. Secure.

Our easy-to-use UI gives you full access to the results of our scan, with reports and insights into vendor security available at the click of a button.

Zero False Positives

Vault JS utilizes a combination of AI monitoring and human analysts to track and assess potential threats, keeping your site safe without inundating in-house IT teams. We only alert you when real threats arise.

Why Vault JS?

Explore the many reasons why a number of Fortune 500 companies across major, trust-based industries choose Vault to protect their site.

The solutions of yesterday are nearly impossible to maintain, incomplete and often impact user experience.

An Evolved Solution

Security Questionaires

Does not assess actual SaaS risk or ability to run code. Requires significant time on both sides to complete and review.



Point in time only. Lacking human features of security.

Tag Management System (TMS) 

Trusted access list and inspect code live in browser.  Impacts user experience, does not cover use case if trusted party is attacked.

Content Security

Policy (CSP)

Browser supported trusted access list. Impact on user experience, does not cover use case if trusted party is attacked.  Time intensive to maintain.

Vault JS

Complete continuous solution combines artificial intelligence with human intelligence. Easy! No internal resources needed to manage.  No code on page.  No additional risk.  No impact on user experience. All code monitored, including trusted. 

The Vault JS Toolbox

Resource Discovery
Monitoring &
Artificial Users
AI - Driven Code Analysis Engine 
Human Analysis


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