No Code on Page

Unlike other 3rd Party Security technologies, Vault JS puts no code onto your page, so we can protect your site without adding any additional risk or slowing down your site.

Easy. Secure.

Our easy-to-use UI gives you full access to the results of our scan, with reports and insights into vendor security available at the click of a button.

Zero False Positives

Vault JS utilizes a combination of AI monitoring and human analysts to track and assess potential threats, keeping your site safe without inundating in-house IT teams. We only alert you when real threats arise.

Why Vault JS?

Explore the many reasons why a number of Fortune 500 companies across major, trust-based industries choose Vault to protect their site.

The solutions of yesterday are nearly impossible to maintain, incomplete and often impact user experience.

An Evolved Solution

Security Questionaires

Does not assess actual SaaS risk or ability to run code. Requires significant time on both sides to complete and review.



Point in time only. Lacking human features of security.

Tag Management System (TMS) 

Trusted access list and inspect code live in browser.  Impacts user experience, does not cover use case if trusted party is attacked.

Content Security

Policy (CSP)

Browser supported trusted access list. Impact on user experience, does not cover use case if trusted party is attacked.  Time intensive to maintain.

Vault JS

Complete continuous solution combines artificial intelligence with human intelligence. Easy! No internal resources needed to manage.  No code on page.  No additional risk.  No impact on user experience. All code monitored, including trusted. 

The Vault JS Toolbox

Resource Discovery

Resource Discovery continually identifies new pages, vendors and code files on your domains. The Resource Discovery process identifies all cookies, data elements, code files, websockets, and pixels while generating screen shots and various views of the data like HARs. 

Resource Discovery

Monitoring &

Vault JS is always monitoring your site, your applications and who is accessing your data so you never miss 3rd Party code updates or new vendors who could get access to your data.  Monitoring is completely flexible to your needs.  Prioritize pages and set frequency that allows you to sleep at night. Additionally, set up automatic alerts in a way that works for you and never worry about being bogged down with false positives. With our white glove approach, you'll get a call from our security analyst when there is a problem.   

Monitoring and Alerting

Artificial Users

Vault JS creates personas such as first time visitors, purchasers, or children using real browsers to observe resources in the context of the user. Artificial User functionality is particularly effective in monitoring privacy compliance like GDPR, CCPA, or COPA. 

Artificial Users

AI - Driven Code Analysis Engine 

At the core of Vault JS’s software is our proprietary AI powered Code Analysis Engine (CAE). CAE conducts a deep analysis on 1000’s of code and 3rd  application changes that are occurring to our clients sites each month.  .   Across the more than 5000 inspection points, the CAE looks at each code feature and how it interacts with data on the page to systemically identify potential threats and risks to the organization.  

AI Driven Code Analysis


Vault JS provides a complete set of operational data to your team for the optimization of deployment and best practices policy. We also provide alerting for a customizable list of events, including when a vendor is deployed outside TMS, when a new vendor accesses to a critical data element, or when your CSP is blocking one of your vendors.


Human Analysis

In the ever changing world of online security, computer learning isn't enough. Our analysts eat and breathe these code files, and since we assign analysts to specific accounts, the experts assigned to yours will know the ins and outs of your site. They work in tandem with the customizable AI to optimize our process for your vendors and specific implementations. And, of course, they review all alerts so you don't have to.

Human Analysis