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Delivering Certainty to Your Enterprise Website

Digital Assurance Has Never Been More Critical

You likely have dozens or even hundreds of JavaScript tags embedded on each page of your enterprise website. They are what fuel the MarTech revolution, providing the customer-friendly tools and deep analytics that empower you as a marketer, and enhance your customers’ web experience.


But many of those tags introduce security holes that can potentially leak your customer’s personally identifiable information (PII) to others. These leaks may be to third-party tools as they attempt to gather as much customer information as possible. They can be accidental, such as mistakes from IT, marketing or agency partners. Or they can be perpetuated by a bad actor with malicious intent. Regardless, the breach of trust revolving around leaked data can be devastating to your customers, and your organization.


Fortunately, Vault JS provides the digital marketing assurance you need.


A Necessary New Solution from the Team That Invented Tag Management

How do we know so much about the dangers of third-party tags? Because we invented tag management more than 10 years ago. Our team is responsible for over 20 patents regarding ground-breaking methods in data analytics and online privacy management. These tools remain extremely valuable to marketing teams everywhere.


But as the use of tags quickly spread, we began to witness vulnerabilities through the very same JavaScript codes that made tag management possible. We knew something needed to be done. So, we created Vault JS.

Meet the team who built Vault JS and has the experience to give you digital marketing assurance.


Machine Smarts, Human Attention

Our unique Human + Machine Partnership means you get the benefits of AI testing, combined with human intelligence. Our proprietary Vault JS system uses advanced software to monitor your entire tag ecosystem and identify suspicious tag behavior. That activity is then reviewed by a human, separating real threats from benign ones. As a result, you are provided information on valid threats, and don’t have to continually check or sort through an avalanche of irrelevant red and yellow flags.

No Code, No Worries

You may be surprised that we find and identify threats without your having to add any new code to your enterprise website. Adding new code to a page can slow it down, negatively impacting the user experience. Ironically, it also introduces another vector for attack. That’s one of the remarkable benefits of Vault JS—our ability to monitor your entire existing and continually changing tag ecosystem, all without making any changes to your site, or adding new work to your plate.


A Presentation on the Importance of Data Collection Assurance

Watch Grant Deppe, VP Marketing Technology Product Management at Fidelity Investments, talk about Fidelity’s Digital Marketing Assurance initiatives. He is joined by Josh Manion, CEO of Vault JS.


Shine the Light on Your Tag Ecosystem

Get a free report showing all the tags currently running on your site, and the connections to other third parties. We bet the results will be illuminating.

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